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Doctor Z

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Every day the same-
Kiss the wife and kids goodbye,
wish them a good day,
and then off to hustle.
No short skirt nor cheap perfume-
A starched white coat
and an air of omniscience,
the seductive tools of this trade.
"New drug" salesmen, like the "used car" ones,
Medicaid pawns and wanna-bees,
solicit on this southside corner.
Same song on the other side of the tracks.
Drudgery interrupted, not often enough,
by the Real McCoy-
Mental illness in its purest form-
A reward that begs another day.
Better to keep quiet and do the deed,
defenses intact,
lest others may think
thou protest too much.
And yet the truth remains-
'Tis not only the oldest,
but also the grandest
of professions.
A newborn enters the world,
Grimacing with a mug of Churchill,
Appeased by throngs of admirers,
Gawking through maternity panes,
And spewing forth niceties.
Homeward bound we go...
Gerber of your choice;
Diapers look the same.
Innocent, yet so challenging,
Through all of the milestones.
Barney, Barney, Barney
Loves you and you love him...
Self-esteem building
From a purple monster,
In a hypnotic trance.
Intimacy replaced
By high-tech sitters...
Game Boy, Nintendo
Play Station 2; TV-14
When the sun goes down.
Faster, faster, if you please...
Soccer, baseball after school,
Little Caesars, Mickey D's.
Off to bed when it's over,
And hardly share a word.
Culture gone awry
Saves Jack from dull boy fate,
But lands him in the pokey.
Trips to the shrink and scripts galore
To no avail for this troubled one.
What went wrong
With our dear little boy?
Instructions we missed perhaps,
Somewhere along the way...
"Don't forget to feed it!"

Scott Zentner